Dark of day

A Zulu cop who uses unorthodox methods is forced to work with a systems-focused FBI profiler after an American tourist is murdered in Johannesburg by a serial killer who appears to use tribal witchcraft.


Lucky Shabalala, successful but misanthropic Johannesburg Police Detective, employs idiosyncratic methods to investigate a serial killing rapist until the holidaying daughter of an American hotel magnate becomes a victim. With the world now watching, the hotel magnate pulls strings to have an FBI profiling specialist assigned to the case. Bobby Weston is a new breed of investigator – young, savvy and pushy. She and Lucky clash from the outset until Lucky’s methods lead to the inadvertent death of a colleague and he’s stood down from the case and his job pending an enquiry.

Writer Terence Hammond
Director TBC
Genre Thriller Crime Supernatural
Status In Development