The Queen of Azania


On the night of her wedding, 37 year Nicola’s husband is brutally gunned down in their bridal suite. He was the revered and respected local crime lord in a small, depressed town on the west coast of South Africa. A quite unexpected couple - he was coloured and she is white. He rose from one side of the town, she lived in the shadows on the other. He was feared and known to all while she is meek and never noticed by anyone - despite this they fell in love, their bond was deep and true.

When a new crime lord is crowned and presents himself as the mastermind of her husband’s demise, Nicola, pushed too far and without care for anyone, decides to reclaim her husband’s status and power for herself. What ensures is a rampage of revenge that leads to the bloodiest turf war the town has ever witnessed.

Writer Oliver Hermanus
Director Oliver Hermanus
Genre Action / Drama
Status In Development